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September 20, 2007


DJ Shizzle

The other unfortunate sad but true thing is that one of my college roommates looked identical to this guy...to the point of people constantly calling him Rick Astley while we were at college hockey games, parties, bars...he was not amused.

DJ Shizzle

This guy is the bomb...sometimes I envision Chachi, Joanie, Potsy, and Ralph-
Malph joining him on stage..


Actually, he's already taken over the online division. He says he's never gonna give up, never gonna tell a lie, never gonna...


Ashlee, that's a sad, sad thing. I'm pretty sure there's medication for that.

Btw, Rick has a hair helmet. I'm just saying.


You did know that I am a HUGE Rick Astley fan, right? HUGE. I adore him.

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